Childhood Nostalgia

When I was a kid, I had this skirt.


I wore it for years, until I got too long and the skirt became inappropriate. I was sad about its loss.


I also had this shirt and often wore it with the skirt (no pics of that outfit together, though):


I always loved this outfit and so I remade it. I patched up an old plaid shirt with the material of a totally worn-out shirt. And attached an extra pocket to it.






Inspiration: 3 bloggers

I’ve finally found a few modern fashion bloggers that inspire me with their style. They have a distinct look and they are a joy to look at. They also have a style that fits very well with their physical appearance, which, IMO, is something that shouldn’t be neglected. One thing they have in common is that I found them all through Get Off My Internets, a site dedicated to making fun of various bloggers. Iẗ́’s not surprising to me, since inventive and expressive things will often look goofy from time to time. Charmingly goofy🙂

  1. Beckerman sisters (Beckerman Blog)
    They are designers and they know how to have fun with their style. They look like those girls at school who are tomboys and like video games, but also like to dress up. And from time to time, they remind me of creepypasta characters.

    2. Coeurs de foxes
    This blogger looks like someone out of a Tim Burton movie. Some people described her as looking like a “gnome fairy” and I think she makes that look work for her. Her photos are always high quality and are more than just your typical “I’m just taking this pic for my clothes” photos.

    3. GlitterForever17
    She isn’t a fashion blogger, but a Youtuber. She’s actually 28, but her channel makes it look like she’s a teenager. I suspect it’s just an act because her target audience are girls in their teens and early 20s, but lots of people think it’s silly to act like a teen when you’re a grown woman. Still, I find both her channel and her style charming and funny (especially all those videos about maxipads). Like me she’s a 90s kid, and it reflects in her style: